Improve Your Productivity and Efficiency

a grid of four images showing different mistakes people at an awning company might make: trouble with crowded filing cabinets, lost on the way to a job site, made an awning the wrong size, too hassled by employees to get work done

Common mistakes cost more than you think.

There's a high cost to being too busy to get work done. Here's how you can reduce mistakes in the shop and on the road, and improve workflow and management. Read more >>

two people standing with speech bubbles to show they are talking

Customer service is king.

Strategic service makes your company memorable. Here are ways you can improve your service when communicating with customers, on the phone and on the job. Read more >>

Overhead: Knowing your costs so you actually make money

At IFAI 2019, our business coach Gary gave a talk explaining how to figure out overhead costs so that your company actually turns a profit. Download Gary's slides here!

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Productivity Quiz

Take our Productivity Quiz below to evaluate your company's current workflow! Awning, marine canvas, or upholstery—how efficient are you?

This quiz asks about you and your company's time management practices, typical mistakes, and communication habits. At the end, you can see feedback about how you are doing with suggestions for improvement.

Time spent searching for paperwork, dealing with interruptions, and duplicating information so everyone has it adds up quickly. These are minutes lost—that you can discover and reclaim.

Mistakes that mean you have to redo a job, re-fabricate an awning, or fix an installation cost you time, money, and opportunities. You lose profitability and sometimes, customer respect.

Poor communication, like employees forgetting to record or update information, or needing to call customers back instead of giving them answers right away, can have a huge impact on customer relationships and a company's reputation have a huge impact on future jobs and repeat customers.

We invite you to reflect on your company's current workflow. What can you do better?